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Reservation form for Returning Kampers

We’re not your average daycare.
We care for your dog as an individual with a unique personality, needs and drives. It is very important that your dog has a positive experience with us. We have fun.
Kamp Kanine’s PLAY (Doggie Daycare) is a place for dogs to have fun in a safe and caring environment.
When your dog comes to Kamp Kanine for Daycare or Boarding, he or she will be integrated into the supervised playgroup that best suits them. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dog's comfort level. Groups are decided based on factors such as size and temperament.
We will work with your dog, helping them learn how to 'play nice'. Many dogs that don't do well around other dogs in their homes or near their families can play at Kamp without trouble. Let us give it a shot. Feel free to call anytime to check in on your dog.
Your dog will get plenty of exercise and socialize with other dogs. As a result, you will have a much happier and fit dog!
All of our staff is trained in animal behavior and know the signs of aggression in order to avoid fights. Mark our in-house trainer can help those dogs with social issues if the owners would like them to overcome their fears.

Play Schedule
To Stay, Play or Obey All dogs must have
Rabies, Distemper, Bordtello & Canine Influenza
700 AM Kampers arrive for their day of PLAY.
PLAY– Fetch- Wrestle and Run
12:00-1:00 PM
Lounge– Nap & Lunch for those eating
1:30-4:30 Playtime more run & fun time
Settle time before dinner
1:30-4:30 Playtime more run & fun time
4:30-5:00 Settle time before dinner
5:00 Dinner is Served (our food or yours)
6:00 Relief walks after dinner
(potty breaks are given all day as needed for Kampers)
7:00 -90 Back to play time some play others just mingle
while waiting for dog parents.
  • This is a typical day for a typical Kamper.
    Some owners modify the day
    with less playtime and/or naps we cater to
    each individuals needs during their stay or play.