Paw It Forward

We truly believe in “Pawing it Forward” the dog version of Paying it Forward. We do this through rescue. While we do rescue many dogs approximately 15 a year we like to think they have RESCUED us. For we have learned many life lessons from these amazing animals and continue too.  Fostering is not easy. Its often humbling, as not all can be saved often times it becomes a hospice situation for the aged and infirmed dogs but we like to think we can make their last days on earth as peaceful as possible.

We have the ideal situation for rescue, owning a kennel and having a rescue retreat in our home for the dogs that have too many issues to be in Doggie Daycare or with other people. Trust is a huge part of rescue. With our training and nutrition programs we have turned many into super family companions. We work with North East Boston Terrier Rescue, Special Needs K9 Rescue, SNORT just to name a few.

We foster for specific rescue groups and ARE not a shelter.

One of our very special rescues is Godric is a 10 year old French Bulldog that was left in the basement of an apartment in Brooklyn. Godric was in terrible shape his skin a covered in lesions and the nails on his paws were so long they grew into his pads.  Despite all of the horrors Godric has been through he is a loving companion and therapy dog.  Godric shares his love and compassion at a variety of hospitals and nursing homes.

We work hard at continuing too  Paw it Forward!